Class 12 student wins the Golden Beaver for second time

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March 2, 2017
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Class 12 student from Lucknow wins the Golden Beaver second time in a row for his documentaries

What made the student to create a short film.?
The Class 12 student of  Manipal  Public School, Lucknow, won cash prize worth Rs 50,000 for his documentary Brain’s Fault at the 7th National Science Film Festival held in Kolkata between February 14 and 18. This is the second time in a row that he has won in the category of films made by school students. Last year, he won for
his documentary, Ants: A Tiny Creature.It was the rising crime rate that led 17-year- old Aditya to make a documentary and now he has won the Golden Beaver Award for it.
The documentary aims to explore how the “physical and biological condition of the brain” plays a part in criminal behavior.
The documentary, which runs for 7 minutes 47 seconds, tries to explain the reason behind psychopathic behaviour.
Aditya has himself directed the documentary and shot it using an SLR camera. His friends have also helped him in making the documentary. The film has featured some of his friends, and the narration too was done by his friend.
On his  Vimeo  page,  Adithya has shared a link to the documentary. He says, “Since ages, people have been judged by their deeds. Some deeds that are good and some bad. This film talks about those bad deeds.”
The festival was , organised by Vigyan  Prasar, an autonomous institution under the department of science and technology, aims to promote science film making. Aditya, whose film was shortlisted by a jury comprising eminent filmmakers, professors, media professionals and scientists, could not make it to the ceremony as he is busy preparing for his board examinations.
“Aditya has made us proud by winning this coveted award. He does amazing work each time and is very talented, enthusiastic and dedicated about his work. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours” these were the words from Aditya’s school Principal.

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