Human Brain – The Human Central processing unit.

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February 27, 2017
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        Brain is the central processing system for a human body. This amazing organ is responsible for storing information and sense the signals from sense organs that reach them through complex nervous system.Have you seen the movie “Ghazini”. This movie depicts hardships the protagonist undergoes in day-to-day life after loosing his memory.
Most of us take our brains for granted, never thinking about this amazing organ, which is so critical for our survival.
The brain has been likened to a powerful super computer. Here are few facts that most of us have been not aware of this human super computer.
1. Our brain uses 20% of the oxygen that we breathe
        While your brain makes up only about two percent of your body mass, it needs around twenty percent of the oxygen you breathe in order to keep functioning. It’s because of this, that we die so quickly when we are deprived of oxygen. So we should make sure that you breathe well for optimum functioning of our brain.
2. Higher IQ = more dreams
        It’s a proven fact that the higher your IQ (Intelligence Quotient), the more you dream. Scientists have discovered, that
while everyone dreams, the frequency of dreams is significantly higher in those of above average intelligence. Analyse yourself in which category you fall into.
3. Your brain is made up of 85% water.
       Just as we need oxygen to keep our brain’s complex electrical processes going, we also need water to keep our own personal super computers(brains) in good working order.
4. Wanna know what’s the source of power that brain operates on ?
     Our brain operates on Electric current .Yep, just like other Super computers, our brain uses electrical power, generated in your body, to operate.
5. Many of us fear exams, because we tend to forget answers, formulas and concepts at that point of time.Do you know the quantum of information our Brain can store.?
       A Human brain has a storage capacity in the terabytes. This sounds amazing right.A terabyte has a storage capacity that is a little over one thousand gigabytes. Every one of us are gifted with same supercomputer, It depends upon the each and every individual how it is being used. So use your super computer judiciously.
6.Every one dreams when we sleep. But most of us can’t recollect or remember the things that we dream. Here’s a interesting fact about dreams and how our brain responds to it.
5 minutes after dream half of the dream will be forgotten. 10 minutes after a dream over 90% is forgoten. Write down your dreams immediately if you want to remember them.
7.If Our brain loses blood for 8 to 10 seconds we will lose consciousness.
8.Human brain is the fattest organ in the body.

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