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Most of us love eating delicious foods, and we call ourselves as foodies. Whenever we think of food we think of our stomach.There’s a famous quote  which says “The amount of food we eat is directly proportional to size of our Stomach”. These info’s makes us think that stomach is one of the amazing organ isn’t it? Everyone knows that stomach being a important organ in our digestive system stores and breakdown food particles into glucose through metabolic process to provide energy for our daily habitual tasks. Apart from this their are various interesting facts about stomach which you wouldn’t have heard before…. Come let’s deep dive..
1. Do you know we can survive without a stomach. Simply put, if the stomach is removed, a person can survive. You must be wondering, if the stomach is removed, how the hell is the food digested? To know the answer read further.
2. Most of us have been taught that stomach is responsible for digesting food all the food.It is a total myth. Only
partial digestion takes place in stomach. The rest of digestion is carried out by our small intestine. Our stomach only aids the small intestine by breaking down the consumed food into smaller pieces.Do you Remember the metabolic process that we spoke earlier. Yes, metabolic process ( breaking of complex matter to simple matter) is just the job half done by our stomach.
3.Once stomach is surgically removed through process called Total Gastrectomy, the surgeons end up attaching the esophagus to the small intestine directly. So, whatever we consume goes to the small intestine, where it gets digested. Now it’s time for Small intestine to work really hard because the stomach is no longer there for breaking down the food into smaller pieces to aid digestion. Now,do you realise that it’s a myth to say only Superhuman’s can survive without stomach.
4. Stomach acts as the first-line of defense the body puts forward against any type of harmful microbes that enter our body with the food we consume. The stomach produces acid, which tries to eliminate those microbes.
It also helps to breakdown food into smaller pieces so that the enzymes can start acting on them. Do you want to know the acid produced in our stomach.
Stomach produces concentrated Hydro-Chloric acid which is capable of eroding through bones and metals. This means that if you put a drop of your stomach acid on your palm, it will melt your muscles, your bones and your skin to go right past out the other side. But it does not. The simple explanation is that inside our stomach there is a layer of mucus membrane layer known as the mucosa. This prevents our stomach from these acids.

     Can you guess how much acid is produced in our stomach? It produces

 3liters of Hydro-chloric acid in a single day.  Oh!! that’s very large quantity.


5.Stomach can hold up to half a gallon (over 1.5 litres) food or drink. Now can you realise how big your stomach is.
6. Stomach can do digestion process in two ways
(i) Mechanical Digestion.
(ii) Chemical Digestion.


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