Types of Adhesives

February 17, 2017
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February 22, 2017
We all use adhesives in day-to-day life. There are different types of adhesives available. These adhesives are used based on it’s property, texture and application. Hence it is necessary for each and everyone of us  to know different types of adhesives , it’s applications, where it has to be used , How it has to be used and when it can be used.
Come let’s deep dive into this together and become aware of different types of adhesives so that next time when you are going use an Adhesive you will be confident that you are using the right adhesive at the right place. Come let us look through   different types of adhesives used.

PVA  adhesives 

This adhesives physically interlocks materials. Thus this can be used in porous materials like wood, paper etc.., The major advantage is it is Water-based moreover it is easy to cleanup addition to this it has long open time.

Epoxy Adhesives

This adhesives physically interlocks and chemically bonds the materials. This is used to bond most of the substances substrates .The major advantage is it is very strong and tough. It is available in various curing times available . One thing that has to kept in mind while using this is it needs clamping while setting also it is not reversible.

Solvent Cement Adhesives

This adhesives dissolves the plastics, which then re-hardens it.This sounds similar to welding isn’t it?. These solvent cements can build very strong bond and also has quick set and cure time.This solvent has a grey side of it. This will dissolve and distort thin materials and generally not reversible.

 Contact adhesives

This adhesives are known for it’s viscosity , and this viscosity of the adhesive holds materials
together.Bonding dissimilar materials, like wood and plastic, metal and plastics.

Polyurethane adhesives

The poly-urethane adhesives interlocks and binds to water and hydroxy materials. The major advantage of this adhesive is it is water-proof ,it also expands to fill gaps while setting .

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