Sirens to alert people in case of Earthquakes

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February 24, 2017
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A regional warning system to alert people in Uttarkhand

A warning system is installed to alert people in case of EarthQuake by sounding siren. The Siren will scream after getting required signals from sensors attached to the seismograph.  These alert system are installed in area’s which are vulnerable to earthquake and have already have been affected by the disaster.

Details of the EarthQuake Alert system.
This is  put up in quake-sensitive areas across the state and alert people in case of earthquakes so they get enough time to reach safety, seismic scientist from IIT-Rourkela said in a presentation at a meeting of the Advisory Group Committee in Disaster management Conference.
84 sensors have already been installed in earthquake-prone areas of Uttarakhand out of a total of 1,100 sensors to be put up throughout the state .After the installation of sensors is complete, sirens will begin to be installed in sensitive areas, A mobile app has also been developed which will alert users about a earthquake by producing a unique beeping sound.In areas where there is no mobile connectivity, the early warning system will be connected with All India Radio. An early warning system software has also been prepared.
This disaster management is done in the back drop of disastre like  flashflood, Earthquake  in Uttarkhand that is happening frequently.

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