Question #1: Microorganisms belonging to the same __________ would be expected to have the most characteristics in common with each other.

Question #2: The Cavalier-Smith’s eight kingdom system of classification includes all of the following except

Question #3: Which is NOT true of the name Escherichia coli.?

Question #4: What was one of the first and most useful microscopic tests for classifying bacteria that is still important today?

Question #5: Amino acid sequencing infers information about

Question #6: Biochemical tests are used to determine

Question #7: Extensive sequential nucleotide analysis and analysis of rRNA has divided the living world into three domains called

Question #8: Bacteria are said to be prokaryotic because they lack a

Question #9: Which of the following is an asexual form of reproduction in bacteria?

Question #10: Bacteria are essential to life because they _________ nutrients for living things.

Question #11: The cell walls of bacteria ____________.

Question #12: Bacteria play a vital role in Earth’s ecosystems by

Question #13: Which of these is NOT true about microorganisms?

Question #14: Cleaning your teeth regularly helps prevent tooth decay because …

Question #15: Which of the following are natural resources?

Question #16: Resources which are limited in nature are known as

Question #17: Sunlight is _________natural resource

Question #18: Petroleum is ________natural resource

Question #19: Entomology is the science that studies